Monday, 7 February 2011

Derwent Edge/Ladybower walk details.

This is my first attempt at posting about a walk so I may refine the format over time. I don’t plan on giving a blow by blow account of my walk preferring instead to add information to help others so to those ends I will post details recorded by my satnav so that at least you can be confident that what I post is accurate
My starting point for this walk was the Fairholmes car park between the Ladybower and Derwent reservoirs. The cost for a day’s parking is £4, I think the parking areas along the road are free if you can get in them. The car parking area at Fairholmes would appear to offer good security if that is a concern to you. Also there are toilets and a place to buy snacks. The grid reference for the car park is SK 172 893
The route I took was basically along the east shore road of the Derwent Reservoir to Abbey Bank which I climbed and kept on climbing to Lost Lad and then Back Tor. Here I followed the Derwent Edge south until it dropped down to the A57 road and from there I walked the east shore of the Ladybower Reservoir back to Fairholmes. See the map below for more detail.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Below is a profile of my route, as you will see the morning was much harder than the afternoon. I reached the high point in time for lunch at Back Tor. The rest of the day was all downhill or at least pretty level.
Below is a summary of the walk the information being obtained via my satnav all I will add to that is that my moving average was recorded at 3.2 mph and my overall average was 1.7 mph. I’m not especially fit at the moment and the weather was terrible so the whole walk was completed in waterproofs.

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  1. Great info. I've only ever driven passed,I'll stick the map into my "to visit" folder thanks for your time in sharing.