Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Highlander Sandwich Box.

Last Saturday I stopped for my lunch at Back Tor which I must confess was a pretty miserable affair as lunch breaks on the moors go. Even a massive outcrop of rock such as this offered up very little protection from the ever present rain but never the less I made the best of it searching out and finding a place less wet than any other I had seen thus far. My mum had packed up my lunch and I think she thought I was going on a coach trip or something because when I took out my sandwiches they were wrapped only in tin foil which was okay except when I opened them two of the four cheese sandwiches leapt to freedom landing in the mud at my feet. I swore there and then that the minute I got home I would seek out a proper sandwich box. I know that's no guarantee the same thing won't happen again but I feel had they been contained in something more rigid my cold wet hands would have stood a better chance of keeping them under control.

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So true to my word I looked for a sandwich box and this is what I came up with.
It's made of aluminium so will hopefully take some bashing around.
The top is held in place by metal clips which carry rubber rollers so they just roll over the edge and firmly clip the lid in to place, I think they will be easy to use with cold fingers or even without the need to remove gloves if worn.

All the way around the inside of the lid is a rubber seal so this should stop the food from drying out and so remain fresh until needed.
Inside there is enough room for four standard size pieces of bread, in the picture is one piece of bread that has been folded over. So now that I have seen the item I am going to order another one because as well as four sandwiches I also like to take a piece of cake and some fruit. The box weighs next to nothing.

I bought mine through Ebay, its brand new so unused and the cost was £7.99 including postage Highlander sandwich box This seller has a shop selling a variety of other outdoor gear.

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  1. I'm more inclined to take a loaf and a bread board but it looks a handy box. Something will have scored with the dropped offering though,
    like in photo #13
    thanks for posting.
    cheers Danny