Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The stats from the walk I did on 7th March.

Here are a few details and the stats from the walk I did on Monday 7th March.
I didn’t do this as a circular walk as I was able to get dropped off by my mum but it wouldn’t be hard to make a circular walk with a little modification to maybe the starting point. My start point was at grid reference SK 305 656 there is room to park your car off the road at the junction at grid reference SK 305 654 although I would prefer somewhere less exposed myself.
There is a café and a pub in Beeley, the café is closed on Wednesdays there is also a cafe at Edensor, I didn’t get any details for that one.
The part of this walk I enjoyed the most was the walk down through the woods from Beeley Moor to Beeley village. The main route for this walk was to stay along the top of the village but I followed the stream in to the village which is at a lower level and this brings you to the square where the pub and café is. It’s just a matter then of walking up the main road a few metres and joining the direct route by the church.
Here is the map of the route I took.
[Clicking on the pics should enlarge them]

Here is the profile and some of the stats. My overall walking average speed for this walk was 1.6 mph. I blamed this low average last time on the weather, on this occasion I blame it on there being lots of interesting things to stop and look at because this figure takes in to account the stoppage time.


  1. Hiya.

    It's tricky getting the correct friendly tone across in print, but feel compelled to let you know that there's at least one wandering witterer out here hoping you'll get yer boots walking and your fingers talking again sometime soon ....