Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Walking again.

Hello everyone. As its a nice day and I am on holiday I have gone walking again. Sorry there have been no live updates today but I haven't had a signal on my phone. At the moment I am at a place called Alport Castles where its nice and sunny but a freezing cold wind. I am just having a coffee and then heading off along the ridge to Lockerbrook Farm.

Holy cow, it just blew my coffee away! I think it blew the signal away too cos I ain't got one now. How can you have 5 bars one minute and then nothing?

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  1. Smashing picture.
    The joys of technology. I had no internet all weekend.

  2. I'd never heard of them, some landslip
    that's what I like about Blogs,sharing,new places to visit. I've just looked on the 1:25k and there's a Madwomens stones at SK 13636 88075 !
    cheers Danny